Amerihub Technologies

Cloud Services & IT Management you can bet your life on

Key Features

Amerihub is the industry trend setter for cloud hosting. Find out why even our competitors learn how to deliver cloud services from us.

Security is in our DNA

Amerihub adheres to HIPAA HiTech as a security standard for all cloud services. This level of security not only meets but exceeds the data protection and privacy needs of almost all organizations.

99.9% Uptime

Amerihub is stable. With us your important applications "Just work". Our team of engineers have a proven track record of proactive support, which means we solve problems before they become noticeable (not after).

Breakneck Speed

Amerihub's cloud server infrastructure is engineered to be the fastest in the industry - regardless of what application you are running. With our 10GB/s cloud backbone, all solid state storage, and more we ensure that you are able to access your data quickly at all times.

Fanatical Support

Amerihub's team of engineers live and breathe technology. We select only the best and the brightest to join our team and we hold their feet to the fire every day to make sure that we deliver to our customer (you) the highest-possible level of support. Engage support as you see fit. Whether phone, email, Twitter, or text message, we are always listening.

Our Services

Application Hosting

Amerihub specializes in making business critical applications available from anywhere on the planet with a stable internet connection. We free businesses from the never-ending cycle of buying expensive servers every three to five years and from the cycle of constantly spending money to support those systems.

Offsite (Cloud) Backup

Amerihub provides businesses with secure, fast, and reliable offsite storage for disaster recovery, business continuity, and general back purposes. Whether you need to backup your web application and database, your Microsoft Exchange email server, or the user profile of a VIP in your organization, Amerihub has you covered.

Work from your bed

Amerihub provides businesses across the globe with secure, fault-tolerant, and trackable work from anywhere capabilities. Connect to Amerihub's remote workplace and experience all the same applications, file repositories, and much more as though you were sitting in your corporate office. With Amerihub your lifelong dream of working a full day in your pajamas can finally be a reality.

We Manage IT for you

Amerihub provides businesses with remote IT support you can count on. With Amerihub it's like having a fanatically focused IT department that you never have to house, clothe, or feed. Need software installed or updated - we handle that. Need your network monitored, modified, or implemented - we handle that too. Need your workstations, servers, and troublesome end-users supported by experienced professionals who pride themselves on getting things done - that's Amerihub.

Your Eye in the Sky

Amerihub can monitor EVERYTHING on your network. From Servers, to switches, to firewalls, to websites, to users - Amerihub can monitor activity, uptime, trends, and status. We can show you where you are losing productivity, which systems are frequently experiencing hardware, operating system, or software issue for replacement planning, and a lot more. Let Amerihub be your eye in the sky when it comes to your key resources.