Amerihub Technologies

24/7 Monitoring

“Are we down?”

If you’ve ever had your staff ask you the question above, and you didn’t know the answer, then you’ve already experienced one of the worst feelings any business professional can feel – your users knowing there is a problem before you do.

When your users realize that you not only didn’t solve the problem yet, but that you didn’t even know the problem existed, it can negatively impact their confidence in you.

Amerihub can help you avoid this situation entirely.  Our 24/7 Monitoring services can monitor almost any application, any computer, any TCP or UDP (networking protocols) port, and any website.

The Notifications

In the event that a system, app, or site is down, we can quickly alert you via email, text, or automated phone call.  We can alert one person, an entire team, or an entire company.


If your organization values rapid notification and response regarding outages (even in the middle of the night, on holidays, and on weekends) them Amerihub 24/7 monitoring is the solution for you.