Amerihub Technologies

Application Hosting

Your business applications – now available anytime & anywhere

Do you remember way back when you always needed to be in the office or on your work laptop to use the key applications that drive your business?

If your business uses Amerihub application hosting the above statement is true.  If your business doesn’t use application hosting from Amerihub, it probably isn’t.

Amerihub specializes in providing business large and small with remote access to all of your business applications from any web-connected smart device or computer.  This means that that critical Windows application you use everyday could be accessed and used from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world – even the beach.

Use almost ANY Device

Amerihub can make almost any application that runs on Microsoft Windows usable from a Mac, an iPhone, an Android phone, an Android tablet, an iPad, a Linux computer, or any number of other smart devices connected to the internet.  As long as you have a stable internet connection (Wifi, Ethernet, 3G, 4G LTE, etc.) you are virtually guaranteed to be able to connect to and use your key business apps.

Consistent Experience

By centralizing your core applications in one place, Amerihub is able to offer you the unprecedented experience of only needing to configure your apps in one place, one time, to extend your changes, updates, etc. to all of your users at the same time.  For example, lets say you need to install an update to an important application to give 100 users access to new features.  Normally you’d have to coordinate installation of the update to one hundred individual computers (no small task).  With Amerihub your update gets installed one time in one place and instantly all your users have access to the updated version of your application.  In this scenario Amerihub could literally transform weeks of work into a one hour activity.