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Windows XP Support

XP Is Not Dead


Microsoft has ended official support for Windows XP, and encourages customers to migrate to modern operating systems for security and stability purposes, however Amerihub (a tier-one Microsoft Partner) understands that many organizations (especially in healthcare, manufacturing, and finance/banking) cannot immediately make this change due to concerns including:

  • Prohibitive cost of migration
  • Key software which does not run on later versions of Windows
  • Older equipment which cannot run later versions of Windows

Amerihub is the Solution

We have identified and implemented proven methodologies for supporting existing Windows XP environments and for mitigating many security concerns associated with the platform, including:

Flat-rate Proactive Managed Services

  • Amerihub can monitor and remotely support almost any Windows XP system running Service Pack 1 or later.  As long as an XP system can reach the internet, we can proactively address problems as they arise via our remote support software.  We also, as a standard practice, will do image-based backups of key systems so that, in the event of a major issue, we can simply roll the system back to a known good configuration.

Mitigating Network Vulnerabilities

  • Amerihub can isolate XP systems from one another and from other network resources in a fashion which permits only the traffic you need while blocking potentially harmful communications by viruses, Trojans, etc. which would normally spread an infection to other systems.

Data Center Hosting & Virtualization

  • Amerihub can virtualize and host your Windows XP and Server 2003 platforms in our secure datacenter in Chicago, thus allowing you to freely upgrade your on-premise systems while hosting legacy systems with us, which are available to you remotely 24/7 via an encrypted HIPAA, SOC, and FINRA compliant connection.

Our secure solutions can help your organization meet compliance needs such as HIPAA, FINRA, SOC, and more by logically isolating your Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 assets from more modern systems, while securely permitting business-critical communications and operations.

We offer easy to understand flat-rate support plans to organizations large and small which will help you support, secure, and maintain your existing Windows XP and Server 2003 assets.

We also offer affordable offsite virtual hosting plans which will permit you to modernize your on-premise systems while still running your XP-dependent applications remotely.


Get in touch now

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