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24/7 Monitoring



A solution which enables even non-tehnical professionals and business stakeholders to understand what their servers, worksations, laptops, network devices, and more are actually doing, how they are used, and when they are down.

Proactive Alerting

You want to know what systems are in danger of going down well before they do. Amerihub’s 24/7 Monitoring services don’t just tell you when a system is offline or when a disk is full. We let you know well in advance of a failure based on our real-world-proven experience across many different business sectors and in many different markets.

Multiple Platforms

Amerihub Monitoring covers Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, Cisco networking devices, and much more. In fact, if a network cable plugs into it, if it connects to 3G/4G, or if it connects to wifi, we can probably monitor it.


Amerihub Monitoring can alert you automatically via email, SMS text message, and telephone (even to land lines). Amerihub Monitoring will ensure that you are always in the know.