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What is an “Amerihub Partner”?

An Amerihub Partner is an organization (private sector-business, nonprofit entity, professional membership organization, etc.) which refers clients to Amerihub in exchange for a finders fee or recurring monthly commission (depending on the product or service sold).

Who is eligible to become an Amerihub Partner?

Amerihub’s Partner Program is a very exclusive club of very established and highly-motivated organizations who’s client base and/or professional networks are mutually identified as good candidates for one or more Amerihub Services.  While Amerihub does service client organizations of many different sizes, we only accept organizations into our Partner Program who meet, at minimum, the following criteria:

  • Your organization must already have topline revenue exceeding $15k/mo
  • Your organization must already have five or more regularly paying clients
  • Your organization must employ three or more individuals
  • Your organization must be in good legal standing within its area of jurisdiction

Who is NOT eligible to become an Amerihub Partner?

If you do not meet the requirements you may wish to consider participation in our Amerihub Agent Program

  • Organizations with topline revenues below $15k/mo
  • Organizations with fewer than five regularly paying clients
  • Organizations employing fewer than three individuals
  • Organizations not in good legal standing

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