Amerihub Technologies

Cloud Backup

Your Data: Protected

Do you remember backup tapes?  Do you still back your data up to backup tapes, or external hard drives, or to consumer-grade cloud backup services (we could name them and could tell you why you shouldn’t use them, but we’re fond of not getting sued, so we won’t), or to some other unmanaged backup destination?

Amerihub’s Cloud Backup service is enterprise-grade, is compliant with hard-to-satisfy data protection standards like HIPAA (healthcare), SAS70 (Finance), PCI (Credit Card data), and others.

Amerihub provides cloud-backup clients with an easy-to-use web portal for backup data access and management, as well as genuine human oversight, testing, and support.  We also perform annual test-restorations to ensure that your backup data is not only secure, but is also usable in the event of a disaster.

By default we maintain 3 versions of every file we backup with deleted-file retention for 1 year from the date of deletion, but we can customize these rules to satisfy even the most demanding data protection regime.

And one more thing: Files we backup for you are IMMEDIATELY accessible from any web browser once a backup job has been run.  There is no need to wait for a data download to access your critical files.


Ransomware Protection

Ransomware has become a huge issue affecting many organizations, large and small.  Antivirus will not protect you from this, nor will your firewall.  The only true protection against ransomware is third-party backup with the data repository being 100% inaccessible from the infected system.  Amerihub provides this level of protection by default for all cloud backup clients.


Make the switch to Amerihub Cloud Backup if you value your data.  Help us help your business avoid being yet another data loss statistic.